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What do other People Say about your Goals?

As per Step 2d to achieving my Goal, I try to meditate everyday. I’m the only one in my family who does this or understands why this is important for me. My husband has his own tricks for calming his mind, usually involving some expensive piece of athletic equipment and my kids are too young too understand why I might need to calm my mind (thank goodness). Someday they will be old enough to understand and by then I hope they too will meditate or find their own methods for staying present and grounded.

Today, after I picked them up from school, It was cold and rainy and the fire was warm and inviting so I decided to let them watch an episode on T.V. while I meditated in the next room for 20 minutes. I got about five minutes in before I had one child noisily chewing grapes in one of my ears, and the other stabilizing himself on my head while trying to jump up and down on one foot. It wasn’t exactly the meditation session that I had envisioned for myself but it was pretty sweet.

Of course Luke and Eva have no idea why I place any value on this boring quiet time by myself. They think it is just a thing I do that they sometimes like to join in on for a few minutes. They are, however, the most wonderful supporters anyone could ask for while working towards a goal because they take at face value the simple fact that this is something that I want to do for myself each day. I don’t have to (nor would I ever try to) explain to them why I meditate everyday. For Luke and Eva, It is enough that meditation is something Mommy wants to do; they accept it and try (sometimes more successfully than others to give me time and quiet to do it). Our goals are our own because we have determined they matter enough to take up time and space in our lives. That should be enough for everyone else in our lives to accept and value them as well.

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