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What's our Common Thread?

We are human.  We have goals and dreams, fears and insecurities, blessings and obstacles and losses.  We share some of them and we weather others alone. We are tied together by the fact that no matter what those traits in our individual lives are, we move through our days trying to weave our experiences together into the best lives that we can live. This is Our Common Thread.


I am Megan Jennings Dostal. I have a rare brain cancer called Oligodendroglioma, and a long life ahead of me that Is only mine to live the best I can.


We want this website to be a community where people share their stories and find inspiration in the stories of others.  I believe that living my best life as a cancer patient is no different than the myriad challenges faced by a single parent trying to make ends meet, pack lunches, and fill their children with love.   It isn’t easy, but it is ours and ours to make the best we can.  


So, decide what is it that will give you more in your day---more energy, more joy, more health? Please share your story with our community and experience the joy and gratitude that come in knowing that your story WILL resonate and inspire others.  Surround yourself with a community of people who believe in your goals because you have decided they matter enough to take up precious time and space in your life. Let us support you, holding you accountable and cheering as you celebrate your steps forward. 

Please be a part of Our Common Thread and share your story by linking to our facebook group below.

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