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On a road to recovery

The peace that comes with acceptance and honesty.
On a road to recovery

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 I have been reflecting on what to put here and in reading others posts, along with Megan’s personal journey, I am inspired to lead with honesty. Like others I aspire to make healthier choices and am currently signed up for several races, including the Boston Marathon, which I am running with the Boston Children’s Hospital Team to support brain injury research. Training is not easy due to recent injuries and the apparent onset of arthritis; however, I feel very lucky to be able to continue on in spite of these things and appreciate the opportunity to participate. I also plan on participating in several triathlons this year, which benefit local charities. Here comes the honesty part- I am recently back on the road to recovery after a relapse with alcohol. I had made it almost 4 years without a drop but picked up last Summer. I don’t have a reason for picking up, and I tried to drink like a “normal” person up until new year’s. Having been sober before, the stark difference between life with alcohol and life without it was very apparent, and I remained in denial for longer than necessary. The shame and embarrassment was keeping me in a very dark place, and my loved ones were watching me helplessly spiral into a black hole. Luckily, I had a moment of clarity and had some close friends I knew I could reach out to and I did. There is peace that comes with acceptance and honesty- even though slightly humiliating. I’m almost a month out of that dark place, but still have a ways to go. Like most of us, I am committed to living a healthy, productive, good life for not only myself but my family. I was on the fence about sharing this piece of my life here, but realized this is what it’s all about. We all have struggles and fears along with our successes and celebrations. It is nice to be reminded of our humanity and how we are all in this life together and we can lift each other up in our darkness and also shine our light together. My hope is to be able to be a light - in whatever capacity. Thank you for allowing me to share and I thank everyone else here for their stories 

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