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Meg's Husband get's off his arse

I totally needed to get this goal up here!! Read it now. Thanks.

Meg's Husband get's off his arse

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

 Meg is my wife and I’ll be the first to say she is amazing, motivational, so difficult and so single minded that I don’t know what to do half the time. When she says she is doing something it becomes a Zahir. It’s an obsession that never leaves her focus. She often tells me I can’t multi-task and she’s right. I know she’s right because I see her. She is an amazing mother, an intimate and beautiful wife, she never lets our wood fire burn out and she will make a difference in this impossibly complicated world of cancer.

I am not good at multi-tasking. Next to her I feel like a one trick pony. So for my goal. So for the way I will be supporting ourcommonthread and the way I will attempt to raise donations to Mass General Hospital I will be playing my one trick once again. My goal will be to win the Head of the Charles Regatta in the single scull. Now this is not anything but a dream for a 40 plus father of two, way past his best and much too old to be trying to beat younger, better men at a younger, better man’s game. But. If we are going to dream big, which make no mistake is precisely what ourcommonthread is about, which is precisely what Meg is about then my goal is only a small reflection of what we are trying to achieve. 

I do know one thing that will happen come next fall and the Head of the Charles. I will be there on the start line and I will do everything in my power to do what I set out to do. I also know that with the community of people, all the people who tell me how amazing, how motivational, how much they admire, how they can’t believe my wife, how much they love Meg, I know with all that support we will also do everything in our power to do what Meg has set out to do. 


What she has set out to do: is fund research that is so desperately needed into rare brain cancer. This disease is really shit. There is no cure. Meg has set out to help find a cure or if not a cure to help improve treatments. That is her so simple and so almost impossible goal. 

What happens next I don’t know but, I know this. Someone has to do this. And it’s not Meg and it’s not us, we can only support. It’s Mass General Hospital. MGH have doctor’s that I can call on their cell phone, doctors who I spoke to the night before Meg’s brain surgery, doctor’s who visited us in the hours after she finished surgery, doctor’s who were with us through 6 weeks of every-day radiation, doctor’s who answer the phone at midnight during the last year of chemotherapy, doctor’s who when I speak to Neurologists refer to as “god’s of medicine”. That’s who we are really supporting. Because they can, and one day will, solve this dire puzzle, for Meg and for us all. 

In the mean time I am so lucky enough to be married to this woman, to be part of this journey. To achieve my goal, I need only to guide a small narrow boat backwards to win, and then maybe with everyone’s support be a small part of something amazing.  

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