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Amy is Owning it in the Present

This year, Amy's goal is to be in the moment, accept the moment, and not be ashamed of the moment.

 Amy is Owning it in the Present

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Williamstown, Williamstown, MA 01267, USA

About the Event

When I first saw this common thread group, I just sat there reading each person’s goals, vulnerabilities, and stories. What an incredible way to weave together a community. Last year was a lot about change and acceptance of what is and what I do not have control of as for so many of use with young children it is. Having a wonderful surprise third child, both Ben and I starting new jobs, and the time constraints with new family demands and outside responsibilities has been a definite challenge. Trying to reconcile that my 36 year old self is no longer equipped to handle the wear and tear and the ease of packing on mileage and exercise like the young college students and not having the time and energy to continue as vigorous and diverse a yoga practice has been difficult. My body has been through a lot and there is a lot of scarring and acceptance of the new norm! Some days, my practice might just have to look like a mindful walk with Henry in the stroller zoning out the cries, barking dogs, and just appreciating my surroundings. Emotionally, I have been through a lot. I tend to keep my vulnerabilities outside of the public eye. My goal for this year is to own those vulnerabilities and to not be afraid to show weaknesses. Showing weaknesses is the first step to making those weaknesses strengths. At the end of April, I will be meeting my service dog. It has been three years in the works, but I will finally meet my companion who will help me with my PTSD, anxieties, and symptoms of trauma that I struggle with. This year I want to help others including myself accept who we are in the here and now, not who we once were, who we want to be, but what we are. This year, my goal is to be in the moment, accept the moment, and not be ashamed of the moment. I will not set a goal to run a distance or do an iron man, because this would be detrimental to taking care of myself. It’s about being aware of my strengths, limitations, and struggles while accepting them and instilling confidence in the person that I am today.

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